Triple Bicone Bracelet

May 9th, 2007

What do you think about this simple combination of 6mm Bicones and Tubes? It can be done within 10 minutes and it cost less than RM 8.00 for DIY !!!


Beading Materials

6mm Bicone: Olivine x 5 pcs, Peridot x 5 pcs, Crystal AB x 5 pcs


Lobster Clasp, Clamshells, Crimp Beads, 0.3mm Nymo Thread, Tube, Double Jumpring, 3mm Jumpring


String both Nymo Thread with a 6mm Crystal AB Bicone. String one of thread with a 6mm Peridot and the other with a 6mm Olivine. Afterthat string both thread with a Tube as shown in the picture. Repeat the step until you have 4 sets of them.

To finish: string both thread onto a 6mm Crystal AB. String one of thread with a 6mm Peridot and the other with a 6mm Olivine. That’s it !!

triple-bicone-sapphire.jpg triple-bicone-light-siam.jpg

What do you think about the blue and red color Triple Bicone Bracelet?

Oops, before i forgot, let me highlight the pros and cons of this bracelet.

Pros: Cost Saving (less than RM 8.00/ USD 2.30) and simple to do.

Cons: The thread tends to break after sometime due to wear effect with the edge of the tubes.

QUESTION: Can we use Soft Wire (Tiger Tails) instead of Nymo Thread?

Nope, you can’t because it will make your bracelet looks ungly. However, if you change the 6mm Bicone to 6mm Top Drill 6301 model, you can use Tiger Tails instead of Nymo Thread. I will post up the picture of the design as soon as possible.

Note: Swarovski 6mm Top Drill 6301 is more expensive than 6mm 5301 Bicone.

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First USA Woman President?

May 8th, 2007

Look! The picture shown below is the first USA Woman President. Therefore the government decided to have the new president’s picture printed on their notes. :)

Image: icy’s picture on the USA hundred dollar notes. Did you notice her crown?

Of course this is just for fun. You can do the same via Personalized Money.

[via LiewCF]

Also try Personalized Playing Cards.


:( i don’t like this because it is more difficult to position nicely.

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Largest Bracelet in Malaysia???

May 7th, 2007

Have you ever seen the Largest Bracelet in Malaysia? I suppose if the bracelet shown below is not the largest bracelet in our country, then it should be “The Largest Bracelet handmade with Swarovski Components” :)


Anyway, i made this bracelet just for fun and for display use, not for the purpose of breaking record (Malaysia Boleh????).

In comparative to the normal size bracelet, this ‘giant bracelet’ can actually put on top of my head as a crown.

Image: Bee and icy

The size of the bracelet is about 16cm (Diameter) x 1.8cm (Thickness). The crystal beads that i used are Swarovski Bicone 5301 size 8mm and Swarovski Pearl 5810 size 8mm. It took me 4 hours to finish… OMG !



While taking the picture, a girl was standing behind laughing at us and wondering

“what the hell these people are doing? Are they crazy or ‘act cute’ ????”


Alright, do let me know if you found a larger bracelet than mine. Happy Beading! :)

Would you like to know my previous blog about Beading???

May 7th, 2007

Update 09-05-2007: I tried this morning but it went toother website. You have to search for “pages from malaysia” :( My previous blog rank #2 in the entire web search for the keywords. I do know what is happening…

Just follow these few steps, google might bring you there:

1. Go to

2. Type in my name ” icy yeo “

3. Press “I’m feeling lucky”

Have you tried googling your name? Are you qualify for #1 ranking in google?

P/S: The “I’m Feeling Lucky™” button takes you directly to the first web page Google returned for your query. You will not see the other search results at all. An “I’m Feeling Lucky” search means you spend less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.

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Magic Mag-net-ic

May 5th, 2007

I was attracted with this movie because the magnets that he/she is playing with looks similar as the magnetic clasp available in the market. ENJOY :)

Pink Lady

May 4th, 2007


Beading Materials

5mm Bicones: Rose x 4 pcs, 4mm Bicone: Rosaline x 4 pcs, 6mm Pearl: Rosaline x 2 pcs, 4mm Pearl: Rosaline x 4 pcs, Japanese Matsuno Beads


Grey Soft Wire, Jumpring, Crimp Beads, Ear Wire


Begin the bead patent as shown in the picture.


Slide a crimp bead onto the 2 end of soft wire.


Flatten the crimp bead. Cut the excess wire.


Connect to a ear wire by using a 4mm jumpring.

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2007 Swarovski S/S Collection – Sands of time

April 30th, 2007

An Awesome advertisement!

Not sure if you have noticed the supermodel – Gemma Ward appears in the advertisement. Gemma Ward (born November 3, 1987) is an Australian supermodel and actress. One of the most celebrated models in the world, she is considered a model of the moment by many fashion insiders and fans alike, with her baby doll-like look inspiring a new craze in fashion.

Read Wikipedia about Gemma Ward.

Watch movie clip for the 2007 Swarovski S/S Collection-Preparation of Sands of time

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April 27th, 2007


I personally like this design very much because it is so easy to put on to my wrist. Also, the matching color of Olivine, Cream and Dark Brown is current popular color. It is an unique bracelet which doesn’t require metal clasp.


Size: approx. 17.5cm (L) x 0.8cm (W)

Beading Materials

6mm Bicones: Olivine x 7 pcs, 4mm Pearl: Cream x 28 pcs, 6mm Pearl: Cream x 1 pcs, Japanese Antique Brown Beads


0.3mm Nymo Thread 60cm


Start the beading work as shown in the diagram below. End it with a knot. Cut the excess thread and apply a little super glue onto the knot if necessary.

Integration-diagram.jpg click to enlarge

Here you can have a close look how i make the clasp using japanese beads together with a 6mm Pearl. Doesn’t it look great? :) Hope you all like it!

Integration-2.jpg Integration-3.jpg


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Lattice Work

April 21st, 2007



Size: approx. 17cm (L) x 1.5cm (W)

Beading Materials

4mm Bicones: Tanzanite x 56 pcs, Crystal AB x 86 pcs, Japanese Round Beads


0.3mm Nymo Thread 120cm, Flat Crimp Beads, Box Clasp


Start to beading pattern as shown in diagram below. At the END, tie a knot to finish. Hide the excess thread into the beads.

latticework-diagram-1.jpg latticework-diagram-2.jpgclick to enlarge

Next, prepare s short thread and string the crystal beads & japanese beads as shown in part A. String both end of thread into a crimp beads and one end of box clasp. String back to the crimp beads in reverse direction. Flatten the crimp bead and cut the excess thread. Repeat for part B and the other end side of the bracelet.

latticework-2.jpg latticework-3.jpg

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Golden Shines

April 15th, 2007



Size: approx. 16.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W)

Beading Materials

4mm Bicones: Topaz x 24 pcs, Light Topaz x 24 pcs, Crystal AB x 24 pcs

Japanese Glass Beads


0.3mm Cord 80cm, Lobster Clasp, Clamshell, Crimp Beads, Extender Chain


golden-shines-diagram.jpgclick to enlarge

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