Season Color

Hmmm, it has been some time i didn’t create a colorful Earring. Whenever i’m running out of idea to create new design, i will spend some time ‘loitering’ around in shopping complex like Mid Valley to ‘steal’ other people’s design :P


I was attracted by a pairs of colorful dangling earring located at the ground floor of Mid Valley. When i reached home, i quickly took out my tools and started my beadwork.


The most eye catching part of this earring is the 5mm Light Siam (red) Bicone. The pearl on top of it is Light Blue 4mm Swarovski Pearl whereby a 4mm Aquamarine is sitting below.

The 2 pieces bicone adjacent to the 4mm Aquamarine are 3mm Light Amethyst. The rest are 4mm Indicolite, 4mm Light Colorado Topaz, 3mm Light Colorado Topaz and 4mm Light Blue Pearl.

I named it as: Season Color :) Hope you all like it !

6 Responses to “Season Color”

  1. jemand Says:

    I love the earrings ..Great work icy:)

  2. kuanhoong Says:

    Nice! So are you selling your beads on Ebay too?

  3. icy Says:

    >>kuanhooong: sorry, i have no idea how to sell abroad YET :)

  4. Jane Lim Says:

    Hi Icy,U r really talented.Keep it up Cheers :D

  5. hui Says:


    Where’s a good place to go for jewellry making lessons?
    Do you teach?

  6. difference Says:


    I Love Beading

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